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IMG_0994cI just purchased their Relief Massage Oil, because it is supposed to help aches, pains, arthritis etc. I was pretty skeptical to be honest, but it really does relieve my aches. I guess when you have pain, you grasp at straws, and this stuff really works!P.H.
blog2"I made some baked potatoes last night and after scrubbing them up, forking them and drying them off--I rubbed them all over with Smude Sunflower Oil. I then seasoned the skins with salt, pepper and garlic powder before putting them in the oven. Those potato skins were good eats!"T.S.
butter“We usually cook with butter and tonight we just used Smude Oil. We honestly could not tell the difference in the fried potatoes. My wife likes it because it is just oil and there are no chemicals. Tastes like we used butter! Will buy more”E.B.

The Italian infused Smude's oil is great on fried potatoes!

Organic_Garlic_Basil Trio"Hi Smudes! Wanted you to know that the Italian Infused Oil was a BIG hit for our family! Great on Noodles, and especially great to use for Homemade Pizza.... Oil the dough, grease the pan with it, and the crust never tasted so good!! Thanks and Happy New Year!"S.B.
618146"I want to tell you this is the best cooking oil I have ever used. The flavor everything taste buttery and I think it is worth every penny."Mary F
ribbonI have a lot of allergies and have been looking for an oil that I KNOW does not have any preservatives. I have been able to use the Smude sunflower oil with no negative reactions. It is a winner!Maret Ryan
mn lemon setI tasted your dressings at the farmers market in Isle. I did not have internet at the cabin, so could not get the recipe. I played with ingredients from the market using smude oil, fresh garlic, onions and spices. I mixed with lemon, vinegar and stevia (instead of sugar). All the combos turned out awesome. Seems like whatever I try with this oil it is a success!Yummy product.Nancy
Popcorn_1Can I just say this - What a fabulous product. A friend of mine told me about your website, I read the newspaper article, was so excited to find the oil sold close to my home,made my purchase, immediately went home and made the most amazing bowl of popcorn which is my alltime favorite snack.Smude Sunflower Oil has forever changed the way I will make popcorn. No longer will I use the "popcorn oil" (which by the way will no longer be in my pantry) and butter. Absolutely, positively the best popcorn flavor in the world because of your product. Thank you so much for producing such a lovely oil.I can hardly wait to use the oil in all my cooking ventures.Barb H
618143I have been using the sunflower oil to replace other oils I used to use in baking and cooking. I use it in place of olive oil which I have used in making my own salad dressing. I also love it for frying fish and just yesterday I used it in place of butter on my sweet corn. I usually use a lot of butter on my sweet corn but thought I would try the oil and I really loved it. I am sold on this product.Carol Wedin
FZ-070-2_1Awesome oil! Last night I prepared fresh Coho Salmon fillets with salt, pepper, dill and Smude Sunflower oil instead of olive oil. Unbelievable! Making same recipe again tonight. Also, sautéed mushroom spinach omelet this morning using Smude Sunflower oil instead of Olive Oil and again wonderful. So, today, I went out and bought a gallon at the Crow Wing Food Coop.Jeff
wide-world-of-protein-round-tipMy husband is an avid hunter so I prepare a lot of wild game meals for him. This past week I fried deer chops in Smude Sunflower Oil. As he was eating them he asked me what I had done differently with them from previous times. I told him they were prepared with Smude Sunflower Oil. He then told me they were the best deer chops he has ever eaten, and believe me, he has eaten a lot over his lifetime. Coming from him I took that as a great compliment and will continue using this oil forever. It gave those chops such a unique flavor that I cannot explain. Thanks Tom for providing us with such a flavorful healthy oil.Mary F
faceUsing Smude Sunflower Oil is awsome. My husband and I use it instead of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Conola Oil. I use it in baking and frying. I have dry skin and I am over 45. I use it every morning on my face. My granddaughter has dryer skin. So after her bath I put it on her and it seems to do the trick. You will love it!Sheila B
Popcorn_1Over the past few months I have been helping to SPREAD THE HEALTH by passing out samples of popcorn popped in the SMUDE SUNFLOWER OIL & lightly salted w/sea salt, at local Health Fairs, Farmers' Markets etc. Each time I am overwhelmed with the response I am getting. Everyone absolutely loves the flavor and can't believe I haven't used butter. It excites everyone to know they can now thoroughly enjoy this light healthy snack and not feel a bit guilty. They become repeat customers and, of course, start using it in all of their cooking needs. I, myself, know I would never eat popcorn any other way nor cook with any other oil. If you struggle with cholesterol issues, SMUDE SUNFLOWER OIL is a healthy alternative - 7X less saturated fat than butter and you can still experience that awesome nutty buttery flavor. It is even lower in saturated fat than olive oil. In addition to the low saturated fat benefits, you also will be getting the benefits of the high HEART HEALTHY Vitamin E (also great for the skin) found in SMUDE SUNFLOWER OIL. Tom, thanks for giving it your all and supplying us with a fantastic healthy product.JoAnne
minnesota beer bread and dip setGreat dipping oil for french or other bread...I actually put about 1 cup of Smude sunflower oil into a glass jar, and added 5 large peeled garlic cloves and let it set 28 hours. When I used it I served it on a coffee cup saucer, you know how its got the little "ring" so the cup fits in...I filled that area with the now "garlic" flavored oil, which still had a little nutty taste as well (about 1-1/2 Tbsp), then I squeezed 5 drops of Balsamic Vinegarette Dressing on top of the oil, and topped it all with 1 tsp. shredded fresh parmesan cheese. Served it with a take'n'bake french bread from Coborns...awesome! Even my 2 and 5 yr. old grankids loved it!Janel Lamp-Wiese
07213_salad_630x420I used it as a salad dressing , along with some lemon juice, salt and pepper. It gave a nice toasty flavor, and made the salad much more interesting !Colleen
heartThanks for the NATURAL/HEART Healthy product w/that extraordinary nutty flavor that I'm enjoying more each day. Using SSF oil to panfry, ovenbake or grill fish,saute meats & vegetables for stir-frys, vinaigrette/salad dressings,garlic bread,croutons,baked breads,cakes,brownies,cookies etc.adds so much extra flavor & goodness.When pan frying,no greasy lingering smells left behind which is fantastic. Thanks. again.JoAnne Smude
618148Used the oil to oven fry potatoes and turned out good. Also mixed oil with sugar and used it as a scrub on my foot calluses. Smooth.Peg R
61814Smude Family- Just wanted to let you know that I used your oil to sauté chicken breast, pan fry fish, pan fry potatoes and in a seasoned rice dish. The taste was great!Kristie Virnig

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