Goin’ Green

We take Goin’ Green seriously. When it comes to Sunflower Oil production we take full advantage of the benefits this natural product can provide to our farm and environment.

1. The high protein pelleted bi-product of Smude Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil is consumed by a local coop for dairy rations.

2. Our biodegradable sunflower hulls are utilized by local dairy producers.

3. We use minimum tillage practices which reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissionsdue to soil carbon storage. (CSA-ref.sunflowernsa.com)

4. We reduce the amount of energy required to remove the oil from the seed by using 3 phase soft start motors and high efficiency buildings for processing due the cold MN winters.

5. Since transporting sunflowers long distances is not economical, our sunflowers are locally grown to save fuel on transportation costs.